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Investor FAQs

Your Unit Holdings

Where are my common and subordinated units held?

What will it cost me to hold my common units at AST?

How many units do I own?

What do I do if I did not receive a mailing from AST; can you let me know what my unit ownership is?

How do I contact AST?

Transfer of Units

Can I transfer my units to my brokerage account?

How do I sell my units?

Can I assign my units to a family member, trust, or charity for estate-planning purposes?

What is a medallion signature guarantee and how do I obtain one?

How do I know my book-entry common units are safe and cannot be transferred without my consent?

How much are my units worth?

How will I receive distributions?


How much are the distributions and when will they be paid?

Where can I find a copy of the prospectus and partnership agreement referred to in this FAQ?